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All You Need To Know About Hardwood Decking

We have been blessed with various types of woods. In the beginning people made use of these woods just by burning them and taking warmth from them. However, now a man has advances so much that there are millions of things that are being manufactured by the use of wood. There are paper being made from wood, wood is being used in the construction of buildings and many more such things. Another use of wood is in the making of decks or for the installation of decking. Basically, the term “decking” has been originated from the word “deck” which is used for the flooring of ship.  We will be discussing everything about hardwood decking Melbourne in this article.


Decking is the term that has been originated from the word “deck” which is the flooring of the ship that is purely composed of wood. So, the process is also related with flooring and wood as it is the installation of wood to make the floor. Mostly decking is made in outdoor areas like balconies and bridges but some people like to take the concept of decking inside their houses as well like a gallery or a sitting area. Decking is installed in such a way that it is uplifted form the ground to some extent. The value of decking enhances after it is surrounded by the picket fencing. There are different kinds of decking depending upon the type of wood being used.

Different types of decking:

Decking differ from one another on the basis of wood used in the composition of decks. However, one thing is for sure that all decking’s are composed of wood but there is wide range of variety in woods as well. The kind of decking may vary from Cedar decking to vinyl decking. One such type of decking is hardwood decking.

Hardwood decking:

Wood can be divided into two main types which are hardwood and softwood, and then these are further subdivided into various types. Hardwood is the kind of wood that is mainly used for the constructional purposes because of its durable qualities and firmness. This is the reason that hardwood is also used for the composition of decks. Hardwood decking is long lasting and can easily endure extreme weather conditions. Moreover, it does not need much care or maintenance.


Hardwood is used for different purposes, one of which is the constructional purposes. This is the reason that decks are also made from hardwood because they are quite durable and firm at the same time. Decking is the process of installing decks in such way that it is uplifted from the ground to some extent. Mostly hardwood decking is recommended for outdoor use like for balconies or bridges but some people like them in their interiors as well like in galleries or interior sitting area. “Kazman timber” offers the best quality of hardwood decks. It is the most recommended place in Melbourne for hardwood decking. Check this link to find out more details.

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