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Advantages Of Ewis Occupant Warning Systems For Businesses

If you are a business owner, you may have taken certain steps to help secure your buildings in case of any threat or disaster. Most businesses recognize the value of their assets and take certain steps to secure them. This may include buildings, vehicles or inventory. In the event of a disaster such as an earthquake or fire, you’ll be able to recover lost assets. However, just as your building may be a valuable asset, employees are considered more valuable as they form, the backbone of the business. Therefore, in cases of emergencies, employers take extra care to ensure that employees are kept safe. Amongst the different types of emergencies that take place in a building, fires are relatively more common than natural disasters. In case of a fire, there are certain systems, such as the Ewis occupant warning systems, that can prove beneficial in evacuating employees effectively.

You may have thought of fire warning systems before. However, many of the common systems found in the market do not have the specialization to deal with the complex structure of large office buildings. Many of these systems have the ability to detect a general warning which notifies the employees that a fire is present in the building. However, this simple system may cause more harm than good as it often causes the occupants to panic which results in an ineffective evacuation procedure. Without knowing the exact location of the fire, or in the absence of clear instructions as to procedures to follow, employees are left in the dark as to what they should do. This results in panic and could turn a potentially harmless situation into a dangerous one. Therefore, you should take the dynamics of your building into regard when determining an effective evacuation tool in case of a fire.

The Ewis occupant warning system has many advantages over traditional fire alarms when dealing with such hazards. It divides the building according to different segments, which allows the fire to be isolated and helps manage the evacuation procedure more effectively. Employees that are closer to the fire will be advised to evacuate immediately. It comes with a built in speaker system that can be customized to deliver instructions according to your language of choice. Not only this, it also provides specific instructions to the occupants so that they know exactly where to go. This prevents them from making the wrong decisions and allows all employees to be evacuated accordingly. This system can be controlled by the officer in charge of evacuations and would instruct the employees to move towards certain ‘safety points’. These advantages make it one of the premium evacuation tools and the best fire evacuation tool in terms of communication effectiveness and safety. Visit this link if you are looking for fire alarm installation Adelaide.

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